Monday, December 03, 2007

Great portable scanner for trials

Working in Litigation Support and supporting trials, one thing you need onsite is a good portable scanner. I know from working the numerous trial's I've worked, including the one I JUST won, that you definitely need a good portable scanner onhand. You will definitely need the scanner in the breakout room at the courthouse, and you may even need the scanner in court. I don't often have a need to scan something in the courtroom, but it has happened. Either way, you need a quality, lightweight scanner that's reliable.

I saw the ScanShell 2000N and wanted to mention how perfectly this scanner would cover your needs in trial. Granted, this isn't a war room ready scanner capable for handling documents hundreds of pages long, this is a lightweight scanner ready to travel back and forth to court with you every day. Here's the skinny on the scanner.

  • It's only 14oz, so it's super lightweight.
  • It's USB 2.0
  • NO EXTERNAL POWER NEEDED. That right, it's powered by the USB connection.
  • 600 dpi color
  • Comes bundled with all of the software you need to run it.
  • TWAIN compliant
  • 8 1/2 x 14 max paper size

This scanner's footprint on the desktop is so small, you can literally set it behind the laptop until you need it and you'd never notice it was there. So, if you are going to trial anytime soon, you should definitely check this ScanShell 2000N out.


Anonymous said...


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